Horse Riding Lessons

Our trainers provide a safe environment with one-on-one training for all skill levels no experience needed.

Our Program


Our lessons are for all skill levels from beginners to advanced riders. Each lesson is a private one-on-one lesson given by one of our highly experienced instructors. We have trained horses for all skill levels, giving room for students to advance and reach their goals. Whether the goal is for you to broaden your love for horses and just ride for pleasure or to become an established show ring competitor, Lueck Stables, LLC can take you there.

Horseback riding can be very overwhelming, especially if it is new for you. Creating the bond between a horse and yourself can be both life fulfilling and last a lifetime. Children will learn responsibility and a sense of accomplishment. Not only will they bond with horses, but build friendships as well. Children who start riding build strong life skills such as leadership, patience, critical thinking, and empathy.

Encouraging Growth

We sincerely encourage you to always ask questions if you don’t understand or are unsure about anything. We are here to address any concerns, questions,expectations, or to just have a discussion about anything that’s on your mind with regard to your riding experience or your child’s riding experience.

Each lesson is a private 1 hour lesson with an experienced instructor. Each lesson is just $40!